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Apple sales of consumer electronics products in USA up to 20% in 2012

  February 20th news, according to foreign media reports, in 2012, Apple is the third largest consumer technology products retailer in the United States, but its product revenue share is in the most among all consumer technology companies.
  The latest data released Tuesday by market research firm NPD Group, the share occupied by Apple in the consumer technology products sales revenue reached 19.9%, increase share of 17.3% in 2011.
  In second place is Apple's rival Samsung, which last year's consumer product sales revenue share of 9.3%, the share of more than 7% in 2011, also increased. Consumer technology product sales revenue in 2012, several other vendors in the top 5 vendors share has declined, HP's share dropped to 8.2% from 8.9% in 2011; Sony and Dell's share dropped to 4.4% and 3%. Apple and Samsung in 2012, a total increase in revenue of $ 6.5 billion, while revenue decreased by nearly $ 9.5 billion consumer technology manufacturers.
  Apple ranked third in consumer technology products retail market, second only to WAL-MART and best buy. Behind it in turn to Amazon and Staples.

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