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In the show of the Intel, the fourth HASWELL PROCESSOR  become focus. The Intel shows a reference design equipment called North cape. Intel hopes to  show how the strength does the new core of HASWELL.

North Cape is a windows8  pad with detachable keyboard. There is an independent battery keyboard inside , it can support extra electric ,and the Thermal Design Power of HASWELL is under 10w. It means that the North Cape just charging once ,it will support  13hours.

In addition, there are many advantages. For example, its' lock  electromechanical device can be  taken off by one finger. There is a button on the right corner of the keyboard , it can cancel the lock between the keyboard and pad. so you just need one finger ,the pad will take off the keyboard. This technology is applying  for a patent ,the Intel company  want to authorize to OEM.

The main port of this device look like the 30needle old port of Apple, however Intel doesn't provide  more details on this side .

Beside those advantages, North Cape also have the function of smart touch: its' 1080p screen can change the screen size. You can change from 13.3inches  to  11.6inches  anytime . When you take the screen away from the keyboard base ,it will change the size of screen automatic.

In addition, you  also can hide the button on the top of the screen, and then it can be changed artificial . This function seems like a gimmick, but when you take notice of how the narrow of the screen boarder ,you will understand why the user want to shrink the screen and then it can leave some space to hold the pad .

Intel company didn't allow us to use this equipment .But we think that it  just like we saw ,its' weight might be the same as typical ULTRABOOK .The one of the representatives told us that North Cape will be reach the all kinds of standards just like the other ULTRABOOK, including the weight standards, North Cape  has not optimize the weight .But at the later of this year , when the HASWELL comes out, it will be lighter.


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