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Products that Apple may launch In 2013

According to foreign media reports, in the past few years, the market has been circulating rumors about the Apple TV. Foxconn insiders said the latest news that Apple TV test work is already under way. Although many consumers would expect apple to launch its TV products, but also not pleased too early. According to FocusTaiwan, Apple TV launched in 2013 is very small.



Although there are already testing the design Apple TV product news, but the source of the news is special, it is also the important contract manufacturer Foxconn Apple products first came on the Apple TV news. Apple's iPhone and iPad are responsible for the assembly and production by Foxconn.


Taking into account the earnings forecast for next year, Apple will not release the new product. But some improved launch iPhone5S on the basis of iPhone5, the running speed of mobile phone Battery life and camera functions above will be improved. The expected iPhone 5S possible be listed in the spring of next year. Other finalists include the iPod Classic, and APPLE TV. 

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