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The experience of Vuzix M100 Intelligent glasses, It will compete with Google

The experience of Vuzix M100 Intelligent  glasses

                It will compete with Google



The manufacturer of the USA Vuzix digital products brings its intelligent glasses product M100 in the world consumer electronics show of CES in this year 2013. Compared with the early concept prototype of the beginning of last year, this time M100 is closer to the final listing form.

According to Vuzix said , the M100 intelligent glasses of this show run Android 4.0 system, and carrying OMAP 4-core processor and 4GB internal storage space, with GPS satellite positioning, support Wi-Fi and bluetooth wireless connections, can take 720p half HD resolution video and still images, in lens holder also built-in microphone noise reduction. M100 as "lens" screen although only 800*480 resolution, visual Angle and only 16 degrees, but Vuzix claims in wearing distance it can achieve 4 inches of the intelligent mobile phone viewing effect, screen brightness can also keep in 2000 nita above.

From the reporter's experience, Vuzix M100 can be worn through the head band or hair hoop two ways, eyes all can use. Even if a user has to wear glasses, M100 can also be convenient fixed in the right position.  Compared with other head type game glasses, this product is more light and comfortable.

Display effect, although M100 screen resolution is not high, but the image effect does give a good impression. However, due to still have not reached the final stage, the sale samples on the show only kept playing a short period of Vuzix prepared video. Handling, M100 operation is through the bluetooth link and intelligent mobile phone pairing, through "touch panel" area of the mobile phone application to simulate mouse and click. In addition, M100 has  the power switch, volume adjustment and confirm three physical buttons at the part of support. Because the control rely heavily on mobile phone application,  From a certain extent Vuzix M100 is a smart mobile phone accessories. Endurance, M100 claims to have 2 hours of continuous use time, "typical daily environment" can maintain eight hours.


As Vuzix said, M100 is expected to officially listed and the sales price is not more than $500 ,for those who are interested in developers, they will be paid to provide development equipment at the end of the quarter. Although the company hope M100 can have a contest with Google's Project Glass after listed , but they describe application scope is also vague just like later.







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