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When the smart phone come into our life, we are not interested in some exclusive products .For example: some handle games like nds , psp and so on ,they had market before. But  when the smart phone comes out ,they are gradually out of the brilliant stage, and mobile phone game replace them. Intelligent mobile is no longer limited by the development of the game chains. But the touch panel right now is not very  comfortable to consumer, especially when we play the adventure game, we always consider the screen capacity ,so that we cannot enjoy the original happiness that the game gives us. Because of that, some developers start with the smart phone.

This intelligent mobile phone accessories called PHONEJOY PLAY can let your mobile phone become a PSP. What the biggest advantage about PHONEJOY PLAY is that it can match the different size of the mobile phone and pad.

PHONEJOY PLAY can connect with Android and iOS equipment through the bluetooth .It can set the function of the key and the compatible game work by the special application. However, when the player want to play the game that the equipment cannot be compatible, they can open the touch screen buttons simulation function. But the iOS equipment can support it only after the jailbreak .

According to the appearance, PHONEJOY PLAY has its' trait and also has special style. The first sight of the equipment just like a solid fortress. Its' so cool. It uses the 360 degree layout. when you connect with the mobile phone ,you will feel like manipulate a handle. PHONEJOY PLAY s' founding target in the KICKSTARTER platform is $50000, and now there are 63 sponsors has supported $3338.

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