All kinds of NQ Cables and adapters.

Apple (140)


Apple, Iphone, Ipad cables, adapters and other accessories have a wide variety of accessories available for it. The iPhone or iPad VGA Adapter is designed to allow an iPad user to connect their iPad to a TV, monitor or any other display that is capable of inputing with the use of a VGA cable; the Apple Composite AV Cable allows the iPhone or iPad to be connected to any TV or home cinema system.

iPhone 5 Retractable Cable, 8 Pin USB Data Charger

iPhone 5 Car Charger, USB Car Charger

Wireless Bluetooth Music Receiver, CSR Scheme, iPhone 5 Bluetooth Receiver

Wireless Bluetooth Music Receiver, OVC Scheme, iPhone 5 Bluetooth Receiver

For Europe 7 inches Portable TV /DVB-T/ USB/ Card reader/ interal battery

Plug-n-Play Mobile TV for Android Phone devices

Plug-n-Play Mobile TV for Samsung Galaxy Tab 2 and Note 10.1 inches devices

Portable iPower 2200 mAh external battery with micro charging interface

Portable iPower 5000 mAh external battery with With LED light/Varnish surface

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